Museum-quality photographs are available in up to four size categories as strictly limited editions:

Edition A: 16×20 – 15 prints.  $1000

Edition B: 24×30 – 10 prints.  $2000

Edition C: 32×40 – 8 prints.  $3500

Edition D: 48×60 – 4 prints. $4700

Sizes are in inches, describing the area within which the image will be printed. Final dimensions of a given image are determined by its particular proportions. For example, in Edition A, a 4×5-format image is printed 16×20, a square-format image is printed 16×16, and a 6×9-format image is printed 13.3×20. All prints are made with a one-inch border, additional to the image size.

Note regarding panoramic format images:

Images longer than 2:3 proportions are printed longer than the standard dimensions described above, at lengths of 24″, 36″, 48″ and 72″ respectively.

Special Editions: On occasion, the artist may choose to release an image as a special limited edition, in smaller edition sizes than he typically offers. These will typically be fewer than fifteen prints total in all sizes made available.

Institutions or galleries wishing to arrange an exhibition should contact the artist directly. Collectors may purchase limited-edition prints directly from the artist via this e-commerce enabled website, or through The G2 Gallery in Venice, California.  Photographs purchased online are signed and numbered by the artist, carefully packed, and delivered via insured courier to the collector or the collector’s framer of choice.