“Justin Black, as part of a movement of science-based fine art photographers, combines a reverence for the land with an understanding of the complex environmental issues at play.  The importance of his honest and unvarnished celebration of the natural world cannot be overstated.” – Jack Dykinga, Pulitzer-Prize-winning photojournalist (1971) and master landscape photographer

“Justin has a vast talent and knowledge of photography – technical, aesthetic, and historic – and is able to teach selflessly. I first met Justin while building the G2 Gallery, and collaborated with him while he was Curator at Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, California. He has since co-founded Visionary Wild, a company offering the highest level of workshops to photographers. Justin’s love for the environment, his respect for photography and his commitment to working with some of the world’s top photographers are just the beginning of what make him a joy to work with. Justin is professional, organized, thoughtful and able to take the most hectic of situations seem like a walk in the park.” – Jolene Hanson, Gallery Director, G2 Gallery, Los Angeles, California

“We are especially grateful to Justin Black, general manager and curator of Mountain Light Gallery, for the knowledge, skill, and passion he brought to his many roles on this project. A long-time colleague of Galen’s, in whose ‘eye’ for color and proof-correcting skills Galen put his full trust, Justin was instrumental in researching and editing photographs, creating digital masters for many of the images, and reviewing and correcting all rounds of color proof for the book.” – Helen Sweetland, Publisher, Sierra Club Books (regarding Justin’s editorial role on the book Galen Rowell: A Retrospective, 2006, as written in the acknowledgements)

“Justin is a model of what every phototour leader should aspire to. Apart from being an excellent photographer, he was a fantastic leader, always available to help with anything, keeping everybody safe but unconstrained, and proactively ensuring that everybody was happy.” – David Mantripp, 2020 Antarctica Expedition Participant